Connecting farms with leftover produce to
the food banks that need it.

Farm image, credit Sven Wilhelm on Unsplash

Intuitive User Interface

The heart of the application is a rich admin panel that makes it easy to view inventory and arrange produce pickups.

  • Farms
    • Post food for donation and pickup by local food banks.
    • Notifications and scheduled pickups ensures ease of transfer.
    • Track the amount of food donated for tax deductibility.
  • Food Banks
    • Discover nearby farms and the food they are willing to donate.
    • Schedule to have the food picked-up by one of your team members.
    • Receive notifications when your favorite Farms post food for donation.


  • Social Impact
    • Eliminate food waste by supplying left over produce to families that need it.
    • Our dashboard view shows the dollar amount of food donated and the estimated number of people fed.
  • Inventory Automation
    • Farms can automatically post produce from their inventory software through integration with our API.
    • Real time inventory tracking ensures food never goes to waste.
  • Geolocation
    • Use precise location software to connect food banks with the nearest available resources.



Use of the site is free. If you would like to donate you're welcome to through GitHub Sponsors.

What's included

  • Connect with nearby resources.

  • Schedule and track food pick ups.

  • Receive notifications when food is available.

  • Track key metrics to visualize social impact.

Full Access

$0 USD

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